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Together, We’re Making Communications Safer.

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What is AliveSecure?

AliveSecure provides merchants the ability to increase conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and realize instant sales by processing payments in secure, real-time live chat sessions. AliveSecure manages the entire checkout process inline during the proactive chat session and prompts the consumer to enter their card information in a completely secure environment. The credit card data is verified utilizing our risk-based fraud prevention technology and then tokenized to avoid the need for companies to store actual credit card data. The consumer is provided a certified sales receipt that includes all chat communication, the consumer’s signature and agreed upon terms and conditions of the purchase. Learn More

Together, We're Making Communications Safer

AliveSecure is a collaborative development effort of products provided by SiteLock, the global leader in website security; WebsiteAlive, a leading provider of online chat and click-to-call communications; and SecureBuy, the industry leader in eCommerce and mobile payment fraud prevention technology. The AliveSecure solution includes patented and patent-pending technology and the first-to-market chat payment solution that automates 100% of the payment acceptance and fraud prevention process.

You have the consumers' undivided attention; let them buy instantly!

In the world of commerce it’s all about improving the consumer experience and consumers want to be able to pay for purchases with whatever method is most convenient. AliveSecure is game-changing technology and the next logical step for merchants to increase sales instantly and to build immediate trust and loyalty with consumers.

How Does it Work?

During a chat or click-to-call session, the consumer is prompted by the live chat operator to enter their credit card information by clicking on the “Pay Now” tab within the pci-compliant chat console. Sensitive information is never seen by the live chat operator. The automated fraud screening is incorporated seamlessly within the payment window. The consumer checks out as if they were utilizing the shopping cart on your website. AliveSecure is simple and secure for consumers and protects the merchant from fraudulent transactions.

Secure Chat - Proven Online Communication Technology

Proactive chat technology is a proven method of increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment for online merchants. 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer, 62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again and 38% of respondents said they made their purchase due to the chat session itself according to a study conducted by Forrester Research. Research has also revealed that consumers are looking for merchants that can reduce complexity by eliminating the need to cobble together different individual actions (First Data 2013 Global Universal Commerce Consumer Tracker Study.) According to the study, evolving consumer expectations are essentially a demand for higher levels of service combined with an increased desire for simplicity.

Proven Online & Mobile Fraud Technology

The AliveSecure end-to-end fraud prevention technology outperforms anything in existence by automating 100% of the entire fraud prevention process and is the only solution to address and fight friendly fraud/cybershoplifting. AliveSecure eliminates the need for manual review, creates a fast lane for low-risk transactions, includes risk-based active authentication for suspect transactions, and provides indisputable proof of purchase. The tool not only reduces a merchant’s fraud prevention expenses by up to 75%; it also builds consumer trust and loyalty. Consumers are ready to use advanced authentication solutions for safer online retail purchases, according to a 2013 study by Javelin Research & Strategy.

AliveSecure helps increase conversions by keeping the customer engaged on the same Live Communication channel while processing their card. Additionally, knowing AliveSecure is safe, customers trust where their confidential information is going.

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Together, We're Making Communication Safer.

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